Benefits of Android Root

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Benefits of Android Root

Basically people afraid to root their Android device. This fear is completely created by Android devices’ developers to make the continuous market and increase the sales. If you go through the entire article, you can clearly understand the full story.

Manufacturers are making fear from the removing of manufacture warranty of your Android device after rooted your device. But normally they are offering only one year warranty for their products. After one year they do not have any responsibility for your device.

However, root devices will bring amazing benefits and save you money also. Therefore, after the warranty period, you do not worry and you can enjoy the following amazing features. Here I have listed 7 super benefits from rooted Android devices.

1. Get the super controlling ability of bloatware

kingroot apk - bloatware apps

Bloatware is the pre-installed apps that were installed by the manufacturer. You cannot remove or edit those applications as you want. Sometimes, those applications are always running and consuming your device battery power, RAM availability, and CPU power.

But, if you have successfully rooted your Android device, you can get super administrative rights to remove this Bloatware from your own device. Then you can save your battery life span and CPU processor recourse for your necessary works.

Simultaneously, you can save your internal phone memory capacity also. Most of Android devices can install new apps in the phone memory. Therefore, if your phone memory has extra space will be a huge advance for other apps.

2. Real Backup

Various types of backup features are available for non-rooted Android devices. But those backup procedures are not providing the real and it’s not a total backup solution. Most of the time those backup applications can backup a limited amount of data and limited phone/app configurations only.

When you are using these types of facilities, definitely you should follow a check list to get real backups.

Titanium Backup app is the most famous total backup (Data and Settings) mobile application among the Millions of rooted Android devices.

If you want to uninstall any app from your device, you can backup the entire app with all user data and settings as previously configured with Titanium backup. If you go with the traditional way to re-install any uninstalled application, You should download and install the fresh app from the Google Playstore without all existing user data.

3. Get the amazing experience with latest Android versions

Android latest updates

Android smartphone users can get the smooth and experience of advanced features with the latest upgraded version of Android OS.

For an example: Can you imagine the different between Window 98 and Windows 10?

  • Customization of settings, colors, and backgrounds (high flexibility)
  • CPU and RAM resources requirement
  • Size of storage requirement
  • Software compatibility (New versions have been supported all older versions of any third-party software too)
  • Advance features added in-built applications like (Music player with new options, Paint with new tools, etc)

In the Android world, users cannot update the Android version as their willingness to the latest update. Every user should have to wait until release updates from manufactures for particular models.

Sometimes, manufactures will not release update for old smartphones to make an influence for buy new released devices.

However, you have rooted your Android device with a professional Root app like KingRoot apk, you can upgrade or downgrade the Android version easily. Therefore you do not need to waste your money to buy a new smartphone to get the advanced features and benefits of Android’s latest version.

4. Custom ROMs For Best Experience

Customized ROMs will provide unique performance improvements for Android users as a value-added benefit. Lineage OS, Paranoid Android, and OmniROM are the examples of the most popular performance-enhancing ROMs.

Basically, ROMs will provide front-end performance enhancement that cannot get from any other hardware or software components. Additionally, ROMs will provide longer battery life as well as the overclocked processor speeds.

ROMs can be upgraded to the latest Android version without any disturbances.

5. Processes OverClocking

Smartphone clocking benefits

Most of Samsung and other Android-based smartphone users definitely have a bad experience with slowing and start to lagging after a certain time period. In the electronic world, the processors are working according to the clock pulse.

Rooted Android uses can change the regular clock pulse to overclocking mode. Then automatically, you can increase the speed of your Android phone processes. But you should be careful about the increasing level. If it exceeded the optimum level, all performance will be reduced than the previous.

6. Processes under-clocking

Except for mid-range and older smartphones, High end and latest Android phones have a considerable speed. But those high-performing CPUs take lots of power to maintain the high clock pulse rate.

All root users can reduce the clock pulse rate than the regular limit to save battery life. You can use your battery cycle life span for few days.

7. Free Advance apps availability

kingroot apk - Advance apps

There are many of apps are available for rooted Android devices to do some of specific tasks. Such as,

  • Battery saving apps
  • Phone speed optimizing apps
  • ROM Manager apps
  • Data backup apps
  • Phone customizing apps
  • Security apps

Those apps are available for non-rooted devices also. But users should pay initial purchasing payment or monthly subscription to get all facilities continuously of these apps.

But, in Android root world, you can find full features enabled apps for completely free.


The most of Android devices have the manufacturer’s warranty for only one year. Then the manufacturer does not responsible for your device anymore while it is switched on or off. There are amazing user-friendly, highly customizable, speed boosters, battery lifetime increased and etc features are available in the Android root world with completely free.

Recommendation: Therefore better you move to root your Android device with trusted applications like KingRoot with a highly successful rate after the end of your manufacture’s warranty.

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