How to Use KingRoot With PC?

KingRoot With PC Method

How to Use KingRoot With PC?

Official KingRoot developers released the KingRoot PC software version for few valuable advantages of KingRoot real users. KingRoot PC software’s latest updated version can install on Windows PCs and Laptops.

KingRoot PC version also a one-touch root tool. That means all system detections and functions integrated as a one-touch executable compact file. Therefore, the users do not need extra knowledge on the handle of the KingRoot Software interface.

Most of the people have a very common question on the KingRoot PC version.

“Why KingRoot developer lounged a PC software version along with a high success rate KingRoot APK?”

Reason for,

  • KingRoot PC version has higher compatibility with plenty of Android device models. KingRoot APK has some compatibility mismatch with few models because the KingRoot app runs through a similar system. But the KingRoot PC version is running through the windows device. Therefore it has a very very low compatibility issue.
  • If your Android device OS’ corrupted or any issue, you cannot install any app, and you cannot do root successfully. At this time you have to use a non-corrupted OS like a third-party Windows PC or laptop. Then you can root and install correct, the latest android version on your device easily.

Procedure of Root your device with KingRoot PC version successfully

Step 1: Download & Install the latest Software

Download the original, latest and updated KingRoot Software from the official KingRoot Website. You can go to our official download page from the below link button.

Then you can install the software file in your PC or laptop.

Step 2: Make connection

First, you should have proper, fast, continuous and strong internet connection while occurring the root process.

Second, you should connect your device to you your PC through the USB cable.

Step 3: Run KingRoot

Open the KingRoot software.

In the first opened window, you can see the KingRoot software making the connectivity with your device automatically.

After a few seconds KingRoot will detect all details of your phone (Kernels, device models, system specifications and OS details)

Step 4: Start to get Root access

After detecting all required details, you can see the “Not root access yet” message and “Root Now” Green button.

When you tap the one-click green button is enough to do the entire root process correctly.

After clicking the “Root Now” Button, you can see the getting root access progress percentage with “Please wait while rooting…” message.

Step 5: Finish getting the root access

Finally, you can see the green tick mark and “You’ve got the root access successfully” message.

There is a “try it” button to start the full root process.

You can see the root percentage and pass a few steps to root your device correctly.

Then you can see the message “Successful Gained Root.”

Then your device is successfully rooted through the KingRoot with PC method.

You can find the download original KingRoot APK file in the below path.

file manager > Download > KingRoot APK 5.4.0 

You can run the KingRoot APK file installation process. If you did not enable the permission to install the unknown sources, you should you to settings and enable to allow the unknown sources installation. 

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