How to Use KingRoot Apk Without PC?

KingRoot Without PC Method

How to Use KingRoot Apk Without PC?

Root without PC method is the easiest way of root your Android device. KingRoot Official app has released with including all root functions and procedures integrated compact executable file. Therefore you need to a single tap(click) to Root your Android device successfully.

First of all, you should download the original and the latest version of KingRoot APK from our official download page,

Process of Root with KingRoot App

KingRoot Without PC Method download

1. Install KingRoot APK in your device.

You can find the download original KingRoot APK file in the below path.

file manager > Download > KingRoot APK 5.4.0 

You can run the KingRoot APK file installation process. If you did not enable the permission to install the unknown sources, you should you to settings and enable to allow the unknown sources installation. 

2. Start KingRoot App

Once you finished the APK installation, you can run the KingRoot App as the initial run. 

3. Detecting device details and ready to root your device

You can see the special features of KingRoot app while loading stage. Then new window open with the “TRY IT” Button.

Then the app will start to check your device Kernels, system features and all details of the device. You can see the device model and Android version in your device instantly. Rest details are checking with a speedy rotating circle with “checking..” word. 

Once KingRoot detects and checks all details in your phone, you can see the result. If you did not root your device previously, KingRoot would provide answers of root stage. Your device is Root or not. 

4. Root your device correctly

You can see the padlock mark after detecting all details. 

King root will arrange all root requirement automatically while checking the device. Then it shows below message,

“Device is not Root yet.”

“Try new Root strategy”

There is the one-touch button to root your device successfully – “TRY ROOT”.

5. While Root your device

When you click the one-touch button “TRY ROOT” button, you can see the percentage value of the root process.

KingRoot will undergo three important steps to complete the root process successfully,

  • Unzip root resources
  • Cloud issue strategy
  • Preparing 

Important Note: You must not power off the device while the root process run time and continuous internet connection. 

6. Finish the root process

Once KingRoot completed the above mentioned three steps, your device will restart without asking or any pop-up message. 

When power up your device automatically, you can see the happy news as a green color message “Root Successfully”. 

7. KingRoot Automatic security check 

KingRoot asthmatically starts the “scanning root security”.

After the couple of seconds, it starts to show the percentage of scanning the root security process under three main steps. That is,

  • Reinforcement
  • Protection
  • Improvements

If any section has any issue, you can see a red colour exclamation point in the top of step icon.

8. Optimize your device

KingRoot has found any issue, and You can start the optimization process by clicking on the “Optimize” button. 

Then you can see the security index with previously found issues. Simultaneously, KingRoot starts to optimize your successively rooted device. 

The optimizing process will go a few sections. such as

  • Reinforcing basement security
    • Improve Security
    • High-risk control
    • Anti-Tempered with document
  • Enhancing Phone security
    • Reinforce system module
    • Improved root security
    • Encrypted high authority
    • Intercepted network hijacking
  • Optimizing Run-time environment

Then your Android device has successfully rooted and optimized accurately.

You are the super admin of your device. 

9. Check the root status of your device from a third-party application

You can go to Goole PlayStore and search “Root checker” app in your device.

You can run the Root Checker app, and you check the root status of your device. Here, we have used the third-part app for double confirmation. 

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