KingRoot Frequently Ask Questions

KingRoot App is the best application of root any Andriod device successfully. Here we listed the prevalent questions that our audience had asked in multiple times. You can refer clearly to describing answers. However, do you have any additional questions, please use our contact us forum. We are dedicated to find and provide solutions as soon as possible.

What is root?

In the telecommunication world, the root is defining access to the core of the system as a super admin.

Smartphone root is a very similar concept. Usually, smartphone users can to install, uninstall apps and run apps with read only data. Other all settings and configurations should be used as default. 

But after you root your phone from a professional app like KingRoot, you have the super admin access to the Android system OS core. You can go beyond the default limitations. 

Simultaneously, you can install any app which cannot install in unrooted smartphone from Google Playstore.

Those apps have amazing features and capabilities to optimize your smartphone. As a super admin, you upgrade your smartphone OS also without and restrictions. 

What happened my smartphone warranty after root?

Definitely, your phone warranty will be canceled, and developers do not responsible for your phone anymore.

If I unroot my phone again, what is the phone warranty states?

It may depend on different things, such as rooted time period, rooted time activities, etc. But there is a possibility to continue your phone warranty as previous also. 

However, after the manufacturer’s warranty period, you do not worry about the warranty cancellation. Because already, the phone’s manufacturer does not have any responsibility for your smartphone.

Is my Android device risk-free after the root with KingRoot?

Programmers and app developers can build Android apps with lack of knowledge also. Therefore there are so many phishing and malware include apps. Then Android devices have a very high risk.

But if you use advance rooting app like KingRoot, you do not need to worry on security. Because of that, KingRoot has advance real-time, security protection. KingRoot’s multi-layers security provides strong defence from various type upgraded virus, malware and spyware.

You can do any money transactions also with root accesses happily. Therefore KingRoot latest version will provide extra protection from unrecognized attacks perfectly.

What happened to my with fail root process?

Yes. Android devices should root with accurately. Then you should select a highly reliable rooting app or software likes KingRoot APK.

KingRoot is doing a few security tests and compatibility tests on every device before start the Android rooting process. That is the secret behind the very high success rate in KingRoot.

However, if you go with non-trusted root app or root software, unsuccessful root process will be brick your Android device. Brick means your Android device will convert to useless peace.

Therefore, we are highly recommended to go with trusted root APK or software like KingRoot. Existing customers’ feedback and reviews will prove the high success rate.

Is KingRoot compatible with all Android Devices?

The reality, we cannot make Android app for compatible to entire Android model series and brands. Especially, root app should be work with synchronizing with the current Android version and Android device characteristics.

Currently, KingRoot APK proof over thousands models compatibility with millions of existing users. KingRoot app is the highest compatible root tool with completely free.  

However, if you have a terrible experience on less compatibility with any Android device or model, please share your device model and Android OS version with us. Future updates will be compatible with your Android devices. 

Why can’t I uninstall KingRoot app from my Android device directly?

This is not common for all models and brands. But sometimes some Android devices cannot uninstall KingRoot after complete the rooting process successfully.

KingRoot older versions have a similar issue with limited models of Sony and Huawei Android phones. But KingRoot 2020 update has fixed so many compatibility issues. Therefore we can guarantee and highly recommended KingRoot APK is the best Android devices root app in the world.

When you root your Android device, root tool should be detected phone specifications and Android OS version correctly. Similarly, when you unroot your device, the same process should have happened.

But Android devices did not share some data regarding the device, or this data may read with another algorithm. In this case, KingRoot older updates cannot detect those important data to root.

Advance KingRoot app does not allow to start the root process with detecting critical data. That is the main reason for the high success rate and not compatible with a few models. 

Unroot and app’s removing process also done in a highly safe way. Therefore advance KingRoot always allows a safe way. When you root your device with Kingroot app, some kernels (Administrative data and codes) may change according to the user wiliness through the KingRoot tool.

If those data cannot change as previous, Professional root app like KingRoot does not allow to remove the app. You should update the KingRoot app, or you can use below safe method to remove KingRoot APK Safely.

What is the method of removing KingRoot?

  • You have to go to application settings 
  • Force Stop the KingRoot app
  • Go to app data – clean all data with cache data
  • Immediately unroot your smartphone
  • Then you can uninstall KingRoot APK successfully from your smartphone. 

What are the main reasons for failing the root process?

Android devices’ root process can fail for various reasons and conditions. Such as,

  • Continuous internet connection is a must requirement.
  • Considerable internet upload and download speed
  • Phone system details, kernel details, and other OS details cannot detect properly. Then Root tools cannot do the root process correctly.
  • The non-reputed company may manufacture your device. Sometimes those small-scale companies manufacturing their products out of standards due to high profit. Professional root tools cannot identify the required details from such products.
  • Sometimes your phone system could be corrupted. 

Typically, if you fail the root process, better, you can try a few times. If it is not working properly, please contact us with your phone details. KingRoot developers will release the next update with a smooth function for your device.